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Current Fees 1/1/2018-1/6/2018

  • Traditional midwifery care:  prenatal, homebirth, postpartum care  $4500 with payment plan  ($4050 if paid in one payment)

    • Same schedule, tests, screens, and ultrasounds including blood work as offered by your OB

    • Attendance at your home for birth (birth suite rental available, inquire for more information)

    • Postpartum care for you through week 6 and baby through week 4

  • Airbnb you can rent for use for your homebirth.  All supplies for waterbirth included. $500 (includes 4 hours of recovery time)

  • Early labor care: $1500

    • 24/7 call 2 weeks before and after your due date

    • Attendance at your home to work with you and your support team during early labor

    • Monitoring of you and baby

    • Charting of progress you can bring with you to the hospital

    • Assessment of progress to ensure arrival at the hospital in active labor

  • Newborn Observation $150

    • For non midwifery clients who want to learn about their baby's unique behaviors and needs, ages 1 day through weeks

  • Acute visits for support or education between OB visits $150

    • Most pregnant people are with their OB for about 7 minutes per visit.  While that is enough time to complete the physical assessment of you and baby, it is not enough for the pregnancy support and birth and parenting preparation you deserve.  These visits compliment your OB care and will expand your knowledge and confidence as you move through pregnancy and prepare for birth

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