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Cesarean and VBAC Eval Program

When we go through an unexpected birth it is normal to try to understand and make sense of what happened.  It is important for your emotional well being and ability to park your story in a healthy place to have all of the information about that story.

That's where our CVEP comes in.  We have a methodical process which collects both your and your partners (if you want) memory of the pregnancy, labor, and birth.  We focus on your perceptions--what you felt, thought, heard, did--throughout that time.  We then request the medical records of your pregnancy, labor, and birth and put these together to create a whole picture.  

Your story and records will be collected personally by Jodilyn, who has been through this process with hundreds of families.  We can work in person or on Zoom.  

This is not a legal evaluation.  You will not be offered any legal advice nor given any recommendations that can be shared with a lawyer. 

Why?  We are not looking place blame, we are seeking to understand and find healing.

It is in that understanding that you will begin to integrate this experience with your sense of self.   

If you have overwhelming emotional experiences that are preventing you from living your day to day life with normalcy I recommend and encourage concurrent care with a mental health specialist.  Your local ICAN group will have good recommendations.  

Who uses this service?  

  • People who had an unexpected cesarean and want to make sense of it

  • People who are pregnant and trying to understand how to navigate options, systems, and decision making

  • People who want to plan a VBAC and would like support creating a road map for increasing their chances of success

This is not a guarantee of a future VBAC.  It is a guarantee that you will be heard, felt, and understood by a cesarean birther and VBACer, doula, and Licensed Midwife (WA, TN) with nearly twenty years of experience in birth work, primarily working with VBACing families.

This package includes:

  • 2 hours initial story gathering and goal setting

    • This is typically enough time to sit with the birthing parent and their partner and review what happened.  Extra time may be needed and is included at no extra charge. 

  • Records request from your prenatal care provider and birth provider

  • Records review--Jodilyn will review your charts, make extensive notes and create discussion points that meet your goals

  • 2 hours Final gathering to review story, process, pivot points in care, and to help consider a future VBAC if that is a goal

  • Access to follow up discussions as needed.  

Cost for this service


If you would like to participate in a CVEP with Jodilyn or have further questions, Contact Me Here.  

This entire process is HIPPA protected.  Your story, information, and healthcare records will not be used in anyway without your consent.

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