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  • Can I have a waterbirth?
    Water is a wonderful tool for labor and birth. If you work with us for monitoring your labor at home before your hospital birth, or if you qualify for a homebirth, you will have the opportunity for a waterbirth. A good homebirth candidate is low risk and generally healthy. In midwifery care, we assess your risk level and work hard to help you acheive your goals of home and water birth. We have special birth tubs for rent and will help you get the equipment and supplies together for a successful water labor and/or birth. If you'd like to use your own tub, we will send you information on how to clean and prepare it.
  • What is the difference between a midwife and an OB?
    Midwifery care offers the same schedule of visits, the same screens, tests, and procedures including blood work and ultrasounds. Midwifery care is focused on low-risk, generally healthy pregnant people. If your risk increases for any reason over the course of your pregnancy, we help get you a consult with or transferred into OB care as needed. Midwifery care offers homebirth or at Cobblestone, you can choose to rent our private AirBnB to use as your birth suite. OB care offers hospital birth. For normal, healthy, pregnancies, research from around the globe and the US has shown that risks are essentially equal in both places. So working from there it is about understanding where you feel safe, what your perceptions of risks are and how you want to meet those. There is no right or wrong answer--interview a midwife and an OB, tour a few hospitals and get your questions answered. The right fit for you will rise up.
  • Where can I learn more about midwifery and homebirth?
    Your midwife wrote the book! "The Essential Homebirth Guide for families planning or considering a homebirth" (Simon and Schuster, 2012) available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at your local book store.
  • Where are visits held?
    Acute care (one time) and CVEP Visits are held in our clinic space in East Memphis near Poplar and Yates, just off of 240. We have at least two visits in your home over the course of your pregnancy. This serves to help get you used to what it will be like to have us in your home for your labor. It allows us to build up your confidence and learn together about your space, environment, and goals for your birth.
  • Can my family be present at visits and the birth?
    Yes! We love family support from soon to be siblings, spouses, and grandparents. It's important to build a team of supporters and we can help you refine how you decide who gets to come to your birth but it is ultimately up to you.
  • How are your records kept?
    We use Electronic Health Records to maintain privacy and control over your healthcare information. You will have access to our notes, your labs and ultrasound reports, and be able to message us directly through the system. Looking for the login?
  • How will I contact you if I have a question or urgent need?
    You have easy access to your midwife. Simply call (do not text) 901-685-4063 24/7. For non-urgent questions in the middle of the night or on weekends simply send a message through the EHR or email directly to
  • Do you work with insurance?
    Yes. We offer two routes for payment: 1. Our biller will verify your benefits. There is a $20 service fee for this evaluation. We then work together to make a payment plan which will be complete by your 37 week visit. 2. You can pay the cash fee at one time (10% discount) or over time with a payment plan which will be complete by your 37 week visit. You will receive a Global Bill at the end of your care which you can submit to your insurance to try to receive reimbursement. There is no guarantee that this will work and it is between you and your insurance company.
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